Video conferencing technology is driving productivity for business

Waterfront Place immersive studio

Video conferencing technology is experiencing explosive growth, making it easier than ever for businesses to conduct meetings with clients, stakeholders and suppliers as well as teams across their organisation. This advanced technology allows people to come together regularly to work, solve problems and share learnings and successes.

More and more businesses are using video conferencing technology to drive productivity, and the data is clear that teams perform better, get more done and move faster when they can easily meet face-to-face, despite being in different locations.

Benefits of video conferencing

Given that many people don’t communicate as well in telephone or email communication, the ability to see each other face-to-face is extremely valuable. This allows people to communicate seamlessly through body language, gestures and facial expressions, enhancing the experience of collaborating and achieving better business outcomes.

With new video conferencing technology providing excellent picture and sound quality, people feel they have understood the whole story and built a solid working relationship.

Video conferencing also provides a range of benefits beyond just better collaboration and productivity, including reduced travel costs, improved staff satisfaction from reduced travel commitments and more streamlined recruitment processes.

Next generation video conferencing and immersive studio experience

The great news for businesses is that recent innovations have taken both video conferencing technology and the user experience to the next level.

Combining the ultimate in visual and audio technology, the Polycom® RealPresence® Immersive Studio creates a collaborative experience so real that participants can forget about the technology and focus on the content of the meeting.

This specially designed and custom built studio is an environment where every detail has been perfected. From the giant 84 inch display screens to the 3D voice technology, participants can see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. An additional content display ensures that everyone can also clearly see the meeting presentation. The video itself is 1080p60 next generation 4K ultra high definition that delivers stunning realism.

As part of their commitment to innovating business, Dexus has installed this brand new state of the art video conferencing suite at Dexus Place in Brisbane’s Waterfront Place. Accommodating up to 9 people, the immersive studio is the ultimate online meeting space.

It’s never been easier to access this leading-edge technology to drive productivity and impress your clients, stakeholders and staff. Video conferencing is not just a cost saving measure, it’s a better way of working that is destined to change the face of business in years to come.

What could your business do with access to video conferencing in Waterfront Place’s immersive studio? Come and experience the immersive studio for yourself by booking a personal tour of Dexus Place today.