How to reduce your office rent by sharing meeting rooms

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If you’re looking to cut costs in your business, then your office rent is a great place to start. As a major operating cost, any savings made on your overall leasing costs can be funneled back into your business to help you grow.

But it can be tricky to understand exactly how much space you need to run your business, now and into the future. Coupled with the fact that most businesses require multi-purpose meeting spaces and enough space for growth, costs can quickly mount up.

For many businesses, having multiple meeting and conferencing facilities that are only used some of the time can prove to be very expensive over a lease period.

With the growth of innovative shared meeting facilities, businesses can now re-think their overall office footprint. By reducing the need for multiple meeting spaces within your office, you can save valuable money on your office leasing costs, and channel those funds back into your business.

The shared meeting room trend

While off-site meeting and conferencing rooms is not necessarily a new trend, there is certainly much more choice in the market these days. Importantly, the standard of these facilities and the services on offer has improved significantly. Service providers such as Dexus Place have set a new benchmark in innovative workplace environments, accompanied by five-star service.

More than just meeting rooms, these facilities offer state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, market research rooms and hi-tech video-conferencing. As a customer, you will also have access to a hotel-style concierge, first-class catering services, as well as technical support to ensure your meeting or event runs smoothly.

A major benefit of using shared meeting facilities like these, is that they come with all the most up-to-date technology, WiFi, AV services and connectivity which can be hard to maintain within your own offices.

So, in utilising these services for your business, you’ll not only be saving money on your office leasing costs, but you’ll be accessing a whole range of new facilities and services that will save you time and provide the right impression to your valuable clients and customers.

Save more with annual membership

While many providers offer a pay-as-you-go model, you may find you can save even more money by accessing a membership based model that provides additional value over a 12-month period.

Dexus Place membership gives you flexibility to use the facilities as much or as little as need for one flat fee. Conveniently, you will also be able to use your membership to access other Dexus Place facilities across the eastern seaboard.


Case Study: How CBRE used Dexus Place to improve efficiency and reduce costs

When the world’s largest Real Estate firm, CBRE, found themselves spending more than $650,000 per year on meetings, they began searching for a more innovative solution to save travel time and expenses, and enable the business to continue to thrive globally.

CBRE employs 2,400 people across Australia, so the flexibility of Dexus Place rooms in accommodating meetings of any size is a big advantage. The unrivalled technology also provides the opportunity to meet with other offices virtually as well as physically, improving their bottom line.

With concierge and catering services tailored specifically for CBRE, the business saves further time and resources. Today CBRE are using the entire Dexus Place Portfolio and as a result, have saved approximately $150,000 in travel and meeting costs.

“Dexus Place provided the perfect solution to all our off-site executive meetings. Our platinum membership has provided substantial cost savings, in both meeting and travel expenses, and has reduced time demands on our executive team.” Ray Pittman, CEO, CBRE


So, if you’re keen to cut costs in your business, consider reducing your own meeting spaces in favour of a membership at a shared meeting facility. You’ll find the convenience, access to state-of-the-art facilities and five-star service will change the way you meet with your clients and team forever.

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