The new online portals engaging staff and connecting businesses

dexusconnex-article-feature-image-linkedinEmployee engagement is a popular topic and rightly so. The research clearly shows that having engaged employees results in increased revenue and reduced costs, as well as reduced absenteeism and increased loyalty for businesses.

One way that staff engagement can be significantly increased is through an intranet or online portal. Now a new breed of portal is changing the way commercial office buildings boost engagement by connecting tenants, retailers and management.

Packed with information ranging from news and exclusive offers, through to daily lunch specials, competitions and events, these portals take connectivity and community to the next level.

Platforms like Workspace Dexus are an exclusive cyberspace reserved for customers of Waterfront Place, providing integrated building communication systems, a tailored shopping portal, health and wellness information, access to facilities, locker management and much more.

So how can an online portal engage your staff and enhance your business?

Building community and staff connectivity

First and foremost, access to a portal like Workspace Dexus is great for connecting people and services, as well as enhancing engagement. Regular content published through the portal covers everything from health and fitness tips, to the best local dessert restaurants.

Beyond the latest news and information, staff are encouraged to connect and learn more about each other.

Amy Dickinson is the Community Manager at Waterfront Place, and her job is to build the online community. One way Amy does this is through regular ‘meet your neighbour’ posts which take tenants through a series of questions to help the community throughout the building get to know each other better.

With increased awareness about who works in the building, and more information about local events and activities, people naturally connect both online and in real life.

Online store and exclusive offers

Imagine being able to jump online first thing in the morning and organise your day with just a few clicks. That’s the kind of first class customer experience and staff engagement you can expect with a portal like DEXUSConnex.

Platforms such as these provide the ultimate convenience, allowing users to not only find local suppliers and exclusive deals, but even pre-order coffee, lunch, dry-cleaning, parking and spa services.

Connecting with building management

Of course the other benefit of a portal like this is that it can streamline customer interaction with management at every stage. Portal users can access key building information, such as an internal directory, as well as request access to lockers and end-of-trip facilities. Customers can even lodge maintenance requests directly in the portal.

With access to so much information and the ability to book services online, portals such as Workspace Dexus are leading the way in building connectivity and staff engagement. Beyond the portal and the sense of community it creates, this is a leading example of the type of premium customer service that not only enhances the community, but truly takes care of all the day to day things in the most convenient way possible.

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