How the new connected office building is improving business productivity

The rise of the ‘connected building’ is leading to greater productivity for business. From WiFi connectivity throughout public spaces, to booking meeting rooms quickly online and information filled tenant portals, technology is streamlining the way buildings support business.

In this article we look at the new technology and innovations you can expect from premium office buildings to help your team and your business be more connected and productive every day.

1. WiFi everywhere

As our obsession with smart phones and mobile devices grows, so does our need for good WiFi. A growing number of buildings now offer guest WiFi throughout public spaces, making it easier than ever to stay connected and get work done on the go.

Lobby WiFi also means its never been easier to get out of the office for an hour to work on something without team member interruptions, a fresh outlook and maybe an energising cup of coffee.  Of course this also makes it easier to hold informal meetings outside of the office too.

2. Intranets and customer portals

One of the biggest innovations of the last few years has been the growth of tenant portals. These dedicated intranets for buildings are packed with useful information, including news, exclusive offers and even daily lunch specials. There’s also regular competitions and events, taking connectivity to the next level.

Dexus’ own customer platform, Workspace Dexus, is an exclusive area reserved for customers of Waterfront Place, providing integrated building communications – a tailored shopping portal, health and wellness information, access to facilities, locker management and much more.

3. Online booking of meeting spaces

With all of this new technology, it follows that streamlined online booking processes for meeting rooms would be available. Using the Dexus Place booking platform, in just a few clicks you can check availability, secure a meeting room and receive a confirmation immediately.

4. Digital screens

Premium buildings like Waterfront Place now offer digital screens throughout the building, keeping tenants and visitors connected and up-to-date. From impressive lobby screens towering five metres high, to digital screens in lifts, this new digital medium provides valuable tenant and building information in a range of formats, including video.

5. Business zones

Another way premium buildings are connecting people is through dedicated business zones. Created with collaboration in mind, these spaces feature super-fast WiFi and state-of-the-art charging stations in a business lounge that provides a new way to work. Step out of the office, connect with peers and clients or network with other tenants.

Technology presents many opportunities for landlords and commercial buildings to provide greater connectivity for tenants and visitors, and ultimately improve productivity for business. If your current building doesn’t offer these services, perhaps it’s time to move?


Waterfront Place is a premium grade commercial office building located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. With boutique suites for teams ranging from 10 to 50 staff, and big business spaces for organisations needing a whole floor or more, we have the perfect space to help your business get connected. Find out more on the Business Services page.