Why moving your small business to the CBD is great for business

There has never been a better time to move your small business to the CBD. With plenty of space to choose from, a plethora of brand new boutique business suites available and all the services of the city on your doorstep, small businesses are perfectly poised to take advantage.

Small businesses will benefit from the prestige that comes with a CBD address, as well as becoming a more attractive workplace amongst top talent.

Thinking about moving to the city? In this article we look at the key benefits for small businesses making the move into the CBD.

Access everything on your doorstep

As employers and employees alike strive to create working environments that facilitate better work life balance, it makes great business sense to locate your office where there is easy access to everything you need to work efficiently and live better.

Brisbane’s CBD offers everything modern teams need, from the best public transport, to dining, gyms, shopping, childcare and plenty of nearby green space. Coupled with the range of options for after work, including bars, dining and entertainment facilities, it’s easy to see why more people want to work in the city.

Transport in particular is a massive advantage. With most services using the CBD as hub, the majority of employees will be able to access direct routes and high frequency services to and from work.

Modern office design packed with features

As the workplace becomes more of a second home to employees working long hours, modern office design and access to facilities has become much more of a focus.

The rise in buildings offering suites has provided options for small businesses to move into larger buildings packed with features that were previously not available. These boutique suites are designed by leading architects, complete with designer kitchens, comfortable break-out zones and stunning views.

Combined with access to premium shared meeting and conferencing facilities, hotel-style concierge and first-class end-of-trip, these services will help small businesses to grow and thrive into the future.

Waterfront Place is one of the few premium buildings in Brisbane’s CBD offering boutique business suites for teams of up to 50 people. Find out more on the Waterfront Place website.

Staff attraction and retention

The combination of a central location with easy access to everything, and modern offices thoughtfully designed to make work and life easier provide a clear boost to team morale. It’s easy to see that providing this type of working environment makes it easier to both attract top talent, and retain staff. In this highly competitive environment, being viewed as an employer of choice is essential to the on-going success of any small business.

Brand image

Of course, moving a small business into the CBD doesn’t just impact on employees. A city address will help improve brand image with new and existing customers, positioning your business as premium, accessible and successful. For many businesses, it’s almost essential to have an inner city address in order to provide the right message to customers, suppliers and competitors across the business community.

If you’ve been thinking about moving your small business to the CBD, there has never been a better time. You’ll be able to choose from a range of premium suites in top buildings packed with features and services, as well as access everything the city has to offer right on your doorstep. A bold move into the city will position your business as one to watch amongst customers and employees, and help your business grow.

Waterfront Place currently has a range of boutique business suites available, catering for teams of up to 50 people. For more information visit the Boutique Business Suites section of the website, or contact the leasing agents to arrange an inspection today.