The modern offices making teams feel more at home at work

As businesses search for more ways to create healthier and happier teams, workplace design and creating the right environment has become a major focus.

Coupled with the fact that Australian’s have one of the longest working weeks in the world, creating more inviting and homely workspaces that blur the lines between work and home is a trend that is taking off. It’s all about making the office a place that people want to be.

So what are some of the features of these new offices designed to make people feel more at home?

1. Rooms and spaces

One way businesses are achieving a homelier office space is by creating a range of new spaces in which to work and relax, from break-out spaces to reading nooks, shared dining facilities, open plan kitchens and even games rooms. Some offices now even feature sleeping pods.

Studies have shown that many people feel more at home in the kitchen than any other room of the house, and so increasingly, businesses are making a feature of kitchen and dining spaces. Some businesses are even putting stylish open plan kitchens directly adjacent to reception areas, encouraging staff and visitors to gather there to meet, eat, work and collaborate.

The key here is creating the right balance between spaces to work, socialise and also seek privacy when needed.

2. Décor and furniture

Another important aspect of these new relaxed office spaces is the choice of décor. Plush couches, oversized reading chairs, floor rugs and artwork all help bring touches of home into the office.

Of course plenty of plants, from traditional pot plants to vertical gardens, further enhance this homely feel.

 3. Lighting

Modern lighting systems have replaced harsh fluorescent lights to soften workspaces, and provide opportunities to have different lighting across the various spaces in the office. Combined with more access to natural light from better office design and modern buildings, lighting can not only create ambience, but also instils a sense of peace and calm in employees.

4. Colour palette

It has long been acknowledged that colour directly impacts our mood, performance and productivity. Traditional offices can be quite stark and bland, but these new homelier offices use a softer and warmer colour palette throughout to complement the décor and lighting.

Then use of timber and other natural materials also contribute to a sense of calm that only enhances our ability to work productively.

If your business is looking for ways to enhance team happiness and productivity, consider the layout and décor of your office. From a stylish open plan kitchen to new décor, softer and natural light, plants and timber accents can help employees feel more at home at work, and help to create an office space where that people want to spend time.


If you think your team could benefit from a workplace that feels more like home, we invite you to inspect our boutique, fully-fitted out offices that are ready to move into now. For more information, or to arrange an inspection, contact Chris Butters or Mark Curtain on 07 3833 9833 or visit the boutique businesses page.