What to expect from a great commercial landlord

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If your workspace is a key driver of business success, then the relationship you have with your commercial landlord is critical. Coupled with the fact that your office is one of the biggest expenses you’ll incur in running a business, it’s important to find the right space and the right landlord.

The best landlords know that they are not in the ‘real estate’ business, but rather in the business of creating flexible, productive workplaces that drive business success for tenants.

There are many factors that contribute to being a great commercial landlord. In this article we look at four key things you should expect from your commercial landlord.

1. Regular property maintenance and upgrades

The best commercial landlords have extensive and ongoing maintenance programs to ensure the building continues to offer great experiences for tenants and their customers.

Landlords like Dexus know that innovative workplaces and solutions are needed to meet the rapidly changing needs of businesses and deliver savings along the way. They strive to continuously deliver improvements across productivity, technology and wellbeing to help businesses thrive.

2. Keeping tenants well informed

Good communication is critical in any relationship, and it’s an important part of the relationship you have with your commercial landlord. Keeping tenants up-to-date with what’s happening throughout the building keeps everything running smoothly and establishes trust.  The most important part of this is ensuring that communication is always honest, and timely.

Some commercial landlords have taken this further by introducing intranets that connect tenants, retailers and management. Packed with news and updates, as well as exclusive offers, daily lunch specials, competitions and events and customer portals take tenant connectivity and communication to a new level.

3. They understand your business

A dedicated commercial landlord will understand and anticipate their customer’s needs. They want to partner with you to provide the best solution for your business, now and into the future.

In order to deliver on this, the best commercial landlords will seek to understand as much about your business as possible, including:

  • the nature of your work and how that might change in the future, so they can help you find a space that can accommodate these activities and enable your business
  • your workforce and what is important to them so your business can continue to attract and retain top talent
  • how your workspace can enable both productivity and effectiveness, shaping how clients and employees perceive your business and driving a strong culture.

4. Service excellence, all of the time

The best commercial landlords recognise that offering excellent service, all of the time, is the only way to operate successfully. In practice, this incorporates the points outlined above, as much as it’s a mind-set and a guiding principle.

Delivering excellent service means keeping promises and over delivering as a standard operating procedure. It also means treating all tenants, from those with multiple floors right through to the smaller suites, with the same level of care and attention.

Excellent commercial landlords, like Dexus, fundamentally believe that great things happen when people love the place where they work. They will remain committed to finding smarter flexible space solutions for your business.

The best part is that once you are a part of their community, you will be able to access a suite of products and services that not only enhance the day to day operation of your business, but truly make your organisation a great place to work.


Being in a Dexus building is more than just a real estate decision, it’s a workplace solution that enhances your business success. To find out how your business could benefit from being in Dexus building like Waterfront Place, schedule an inspection today.