How to create a workplace where people want to work

Businesses have long known the importance of attracting and retaining top talent in order to succeed. But some experts believe that talent attraction and retention is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses in 2017.

Competition to secure the best talent, increasing demands on employers by potential employees, and the cost of recruitment has led many employers to develop a business strategy around attraction and retention. Added to this is the connected market, where your reputation as an employer is easily shared across social networks and online platforms, and the younger generation’s propensity to change jobs regularly.

The most important takeaway for businesses is to ensure that there isn’t more focus on talent attraction, without backing that up with retention planning and staff development to ensure businesses can keep great staff over the long-term.

In this article, we look at some of the strategies used by top employers to secure talent, and the ways in which they are creating workplaces where people want to work.

Workplace culture

Without a doubt, one of the biggest contributors to talent attraction and retention is workplace culture. In fact, it is widely accepted that culture is valued as much as salary by millennials.

Beyond the fact that a happy, cohesive workplace is also a productive workplace, workplace culture is something that travels quickly by word-of-mouth. Much like the tendency of people to complain about receiving bad customer service, your workplace culture will be discussed in a range of forums. Good, bad or otherwise, you can be certain that your workplace has a reputation in the market.

The best businesses take steps to ensure that a strong, supportive workplace culture is established and maintained. Defining and establishing workplace culture can be tricky, but in broad terms it could include leadership, communication, engagement and flexibility.

Day-to-day, a strong workplace culture could include everything from professional development to the ability to work from home, regular team functions, social events, workplace wellness programs and recognition for a job well done.

Office design

Another important aspect of talent attraction and retention is the physical workplace itself. Australian’s spend more time at work each week than many other developed nations, and as such, it’s important that the office is a place that facilitates work life balance and is a place that staff actually want to be for all those hours.

Basically, a great workspace contributes to great workplace culture, and can greatly improve productivity, collaboration and contribute to innovation. It also leads to your business having a reputation as an employer of choice in the market.

While businesses like Google and Facebook may have made a reputation for themselves as leaders in creative, open and funky workspaces, not all top talent will expect or even appreciate that type of workspace. It’s all about finding the right solution for your team and your business.

Consider an office design that allows people to work both independently and collaboratively as needed, with comfortable break-out zones for informal meetings and meals, good lighting, plenty of natural light, plants and soft furnishings for a touch of home.

Services and facilities

A natural extension of workplace design is the facilities staff have access to. Large office buildings like Waterfront Place provide a host of services and facilities designed to make the workday smoother and more enjoyable. Employees can enjoy everything from free fitness and wellness classes, to hotel-style concierge, premium end-of-trip facilities, on-site community manager and regular social activities.

Not only does this help facilitate the much sought-after work-life balance, but it makes employees feel valued and indeed more productive as some of the stress is removed from the workday. This is a relatively simple way that businesses can position themselves as employers of choice in a competitive market.

Location location

Last but not least is location. This is critical in the battle for top talent. If your office is too far away, not easy to get to, or in an undesirable location, it will be difficult to get people to join your team, or indeed keep them happy.

Consider a location that is ultra-convenient, as no doubt this will also be convenient for customers and suppliers, as well as employees. Whether you chose a CBD location, or a well connected hub on the city fringe, employees need easy access to transport, dining, childcare and ideally other services like fitness, banking and shops in order to juggle the demands of daily life with work.

Business that work to create a positive workplace culture, as well as an excellent working environment will see productivity and morale increase, a reduction in staff turnover and will find it easier to attract new talent. It’s all about creating a workplace where people want to be. Wouldn’t that be great for your business?


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