Concierges and Community Managers are changing the face of business


These days, a professional concierge service is an absolute must-have for any premium commercial building.

No longer restricted to exclusive hotels, commercial building concierges provide a wide range of services, from a professional welcome in the foyer to building tours, local bookings and reservations, key local information, catering and event coordination.

Given these benefits for both staff and clients, for many tenants having access to a concierge service has become one of the key factors in selecting office space. In fact, it has become just as standard as expecting an onsite cafe, end-of-trip-facilities and shared meeting spaces.

Waterfront Place Concierge Katie Beare provides a warm welcome to visitors, and is available to help tenants with anything they need to make their day run smoothly.

“My job is to provide personalised service, and to be the main point of contact for the people in the building, be they tenants, contractors or colleagues. It’s about going the extra mile and going above and beyond for people,” said Katie.

“That means on any given day, I could be delivering cakes, running pantyhose up to people, fixing broken heels or even just helping someone freshen up before a job interview.”

When we spoke to Katie, she had just finished organising new engraved dog tags for a tenant’s dog that had lost its tags that morning.

“I love that every day is different. The most satisfying part of my job is seeing the smile on people’s faces when I’ve helped them to sort out a stressful situation, or resolved a problem for them.”

Some landlords have taken the five-star customer service experience one step further by offering a dedicated Community Manager within the building. Dexus recently introduced a Community Manager at Waterfront Place, with responsibility for communicating the latest information on what’s happening within the building and surrounding areas to tenants.

Community Manager Amy Dickinson connects people throughout Waterfront Place using the in-house Workspace Dexus intranet as a hub for news and event updates, as well as online competitions, exclusive offers and event activations in the foyer.

This fosters a deeper sense of community throughout the building, bringing teams and businesses together to work, network and socialise.

“The over-arching goal for my role is to build community engagement. I’m responsible for encouraging people to actively use our community portal every day by bringing them the best local deals and discounts,” said Amy.

“My focus is on creating localised relevant content that has real value to the tenants in the building, and connects them directly to nearby Eagle St Pier and the Brisbane CBD. I love liaising with local retailers to negotiate the best deals for the tenants.”

Offering a premium level of service to customers has never been more important. Bringing together a professional Concierge, a Community Manager and the right technology is the ultimate combination for providing five-star customer service worthy of a guest in a luxury hotel.

Waterfront Place is committed to delivering an incredible customer service experience for tenants and visitors. To find out how access to a Concierge and Community Manager could help your business, visit our website or drop by the Concierge desk at Waterfront Place. We’d love to welcome you soon.