How you can access big business benefits

Today’s small-scale, technology-forward workplaces are becoming the basis for large-scale efficiency and success. The advantages of tech-based workspaces are to provide agility, flexibility and innovation to your workspaces.

We’ll touch on these three topics below for you to gain more insight into how we’ve integrated the latest technologies and layout designs to increase your business’ efficiency.


Big businesses have extensive human resources to take on large tasks and be successful. Conversely, small business’ key to success is based on their agility to undertake workflows and transform new ideas from concept to creation.

Utilising new connective technologies that Google Home has to offer such as Chromecast or ClickShare, customers will be able to showcase plans, projects and presentations at the touch of a button. These technologies are essential for a fast-paced workplace.

Modern floor space planning provides more efficient collaboration areas, improving on the traditional office layout that allows team members to work together efficiently and effectively.


With success comes growth and workplace flexibility in small businesses is critical when expanding your environment. Saving on space, yet having provision for when you need additional resources is a great way to maximise efficiency and allows flexibility in the workplace.

A number of our suites include high tech meeting rooms. The building’s dynamic facilities can easily accommodate your needs and will give your business a significant advantage for your next high profile meeting.


New concepts, changing approaches to convention and emerging technologies are all key strategies for finding new avenues for success. Making sure your office space allows your team to develop innovative ideas in the workplace is critical for small businesses.

Technology-advanced workspaces are important for small businesses in a fast-paced environment. The use of visual, audio or human-interactive devices gives your business the technological advantage when it comes to fostering innovation.

If your business needs agility, flexibility and innovation complemented by state-of-the-art interior design, please contact us to inspect our Smart Suite office spaces in Waterfront Place today. We also have a range of Big Business Spaces and Boutique Business Suites, catering for a wide variety of business needs.


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