5 services and facilities that will accelerate your business

Waterfront place business acceleratorsWith competition between businesses stronger than ever, it’s not surprising that businesses are constantly looking for new ways to edge out their rivals.

Interestingly, it’s not always about being bigger and better, but rather finding a new approach or a fresh perspective. Of course, keeping the customer firmly in mind and providing a level of customer service that is unsurpassed is a great place to start.

So with that in mind, here are five services and facilities that your business could access to accelerate past your competition.

State-of-the art meeting and conference facilities

Rather than needing to have all of these facilities within your office, top commercial buildings are now providing access to five-star shared meeting and conferencing facilities.

With state-of-the-art technology, modern design and experienced staff to assist you with everything from technology to catering, these facilities allow you to focus on the content of your meeting and building valuable relationships with clients.

Business zones

Having lounge furniture in a lobby is nothing new, but the new business zones springing up in premium commercial buildings take this idea to a whole new level.

Complete with high speed WiFi, state-of-the-art charging stations and plush furniture, these business zones are specifically geared towards networking and collaboration, allowing you to step out of the office and work in a new way.

Convenient onsite parking

For city-based businesses, parking remains one of the biggest challenges. While some clients will be able to walk or cab to your office, offering a convenient onsite parking solution definitely puts your business ahead of the competition.

Waterfront Place in Brisbane’s CBD has a unique porte cochère where customers can park for free for up to one hour. You just pull up out the front the building, hand your keys to an attendant and walk into the building. Now that’s customer service.

Concierge and community manager

Many premium commercial buildings now offer a professional concierge service. These experienced professionals offer a myriad of services, from a professional welcome in the foyer to building tours, local bookings and reservations, key local information, catering and event coordination.

Combined with a dedicated Community Manager, this takes the five-star customer service experience one step further. With responsibility for communicating the latest information on what’s happening within the building to tenants, as well as online competitions, exclusive offers and event activations in the foyer, the Community Manager connects people and creates a strong sense of community.

Online portal

A new breed of online portal is changing the way commercial office buildings boost customer service and engagement by connecting tenants, retailers and management.

Packed with information ranging from news through to daily lunch specials, these portals are an exclusive cyberspace providing integrated building communication systems, a tailored shopping portal, health and wellness information, access to facilities, locker management and much more.

In an ultra competitive environment, access to facilities and services that provide the ultimate in customer service and set your business apart are more important than ever. From five-star meeting facilities to business zones, free parking, professional concierges and online portals, these innovative services directly benefit your customers and will help you accelerate past your competition.

Waterfront Place offers all of these services, facilities and more. Our innovative business accelerators are designed to inspire businesses to connect, collaborate and grow. Find out how Waterfront Place can help you innovate your business.