4 ways priority access to childcare can help your business

Linkedin - ChildSpace Photo (1)In the modern workplace, one of the most important ways businesses can create the right culture is with family-friendly policies that help people achieve a better balance between work and family.

Family is a major motivator for people and recognising the impact of people’s personal lives on their work can help employers create the right working environment.

There are many aspects to helping staff manage work and family better, but assistance with childcare is certainly a big factor. With the cost of placing children in childcare skyrocketing, and places in centres hard to secure, finding the right childcare can be stressful.

Undoubtedly then, businesses that help their people access great childcare solutions will create happier teams, improve productivity and also attract and retain great staff into the future. In this article, we look at four ways providing priority access to childcare can help your business.

1. Financial benefits

Studies have shown that when employees have access to convenient and reliable childcare nearby, absenteeism decreases and performance increases, directly impacting the bottom line for businesses. Beyond this, family-friendly workplaces experience lower staff turnover, reducing recruitment costs over time.

2. Workplace culture

It’s important that employees feel valued and appreciated at work. Offering priority childcare shows people that their work is valued, and they are valued as part of the team. It enables team members to focus on their career, as well as their family, and find that all important balance. Over time, this creates loyalty, a positive workplace environment, and encourages employees to support the company.

3. Employee happiness

Priority access to nearby childcare can help reduce anxiety and stress for parents, making it easier to drop children off, check up on them at lunchtime and pick them up at the end of the day. This peace of mind, as well as added convenience, allows employees to arrive on time and focus on the job at hand, without worrying about their children. Ultimately, this can lead to increased job satisfaction with lasting benefits for both staff and their employers.

4. Staff attraction and retention

For parents, or people planning to have a family in the future, companies that are serious about family-friendly culture are much more attractive. Whether you are looking to maintain a strong team or attract new talent to your business, offering priority access to childcare is an extra incentive for employees.

Keeping work and home life in better balance for employees helps reduce absenteeism and job dissatisfaction. Ultimately, it’s good business sense. More and more, workplaces that offer family-friendly policies are not just appreciated, by actively sought out as employers of choice by employees.  As an employer, there’s never been a better time to implement family-friendly policies, and reap the rewards for your business.


Dexus has partnered with Guardian Early Learning Group to offer priority access to childcare at over 90 Guardian Centres nationwide. If you’re a Dexus customer, your children can go straight to the top of the waiting list at any Guardian Centre nationally. Where there’s availability, you’ll be able to access care immediately. For more information visit the Dexus ChildSpace page.