3 ways boutique office suites are revolutionising small business

The growing number of successful boutique businesses has led to a revolution in the office accommodation market. From engineering to technology, design and creative industries, the workplace is changing and one size no longer fits all.

Increasingly though, commercial office buildings are offering innovative and flexible solutions to meet this growing demand.

With the emergence of the boutique office suite, small businesses can now access big business benefits. Here are 3 ways that boutique office suites can revolutionise your small business.

1. Access premium facilities and services

One of the biggest benefits for a boutique business taking space in a large commercial office building is access to a wide range of premium services and facilities. This includes everything from state-of-the art shared meeting and conference facilities, to hotel style end-of-trip facilities, concierge, security and much more.

Having access to these services and facilities is great for staff and customers alike, allowing boutique business to provide a 5-star customer experience, while also making it easier to attract and retain staff.

2. Turnkey solutions

Another benefit of the boutique suites approach is the speed to market for businesses. Many suites come fully fitted-out, ready for your business to move in right away. Others can be up and running in just a matter of weeks.

To provide a more customised solution, buildings like Waterfront Place have partnered with leading architects, including Girvan Waugh, to refine the process of designing and fitting out a boutique suite. In just 6 weeks, businesses can work with the architects to develop a detailed space plan, and then select finishes, fittings and fixtures. With this streamlined process, suites can be fitted out quickly and businesses can move in a few short weeks later.

Girvan Waugh State Manager Alastair Sutherland says, “Taking into consideration location, we tailored each boutique suite to correspond to the Brisbane environment and small business market.

“The workplace is an extension of our homes and this is a strong message we like to carry into our projects using greenery to soften the space, woolen upholstery and warm timbers in custom joinery and furniture,” he says.


3. Networking and new business opportunities

Of course being located in a Premium office building in the heart of the CBD also allows boutique businesses to position themselves at the forefront of their field and align themselves with industry leaders.

The variety of shared spaces, from business zones in the lobby to elevators and meeting facilities, inevitably leads to opportunities to network, collaborate and develop profitable business relationships.

Boutique office suites are disrupting the office leasing market and forever changing the workplace for small businesses. Access to Premium facilities and services, networking and business opportunities and turnkey solutions make these suites the ultimate workplace for the growing boutique business market.

Waterfront Place is leading the way with Boutique Business Suites. Our seriously flexible workspaces can cater to businesses from 10 to 50 employees, with a range of pre-designed fit-outs to get your new office up and running faster. We invite you to watch the video and come and inspect to see how Waterfront Place can innovate your business.