10 things to consider when choosing office space

Whether your business is big or boutique, choosing the right workspace can be daunting. There’s a lot to consider, from understanding exactly how much space you need now, and in the future, as well as the facilities, location, cost and the length of the lease you’ll be committed to.

To help make it less overwhelming, we’ve put together this list of 10 things to consider when choosing office space. It’s all about helping you make the right decision for your business now, and as you grow.

1. Location

Location should be close to the top of your list when choosing a workspace. Ideally, it should be convenient for your team, as well as your customers and clients, to get in and out of your office. Of course being close to things like public transport, parking, food and amenities, as well as green space, make an ideal combination for modern work places.

The other consideration when deciding on location, is how close you will be to your competitors and partners. You want to position your business in proximity to your partners and also competitors, without creating any additional competition.

2. Design

The design of the building, as well as the aesthetics within your workspace are important considerations. Design will have an impact on your image and reputation in the market, from employees to customers and stakeholders.

When planning the right design for your office, it’s important to think about functionality as well as visual appeal. It is a place of business, but it’s also a place that employees will spend much of their week, so it needs to be comfortable while still presenting a professional image to visitors. Consider whether you would prefer to start with a blank canvas and design your own space, or find a fully fitted out office that you can move into quickly.

3. Facilities

There are so many facilities offered by commercial office buildings, it’s important to really focus on what your business needs. Facilities can include everything from shared meeting spaces to cafes, outdoor space, public Wi-Fi and end-of-trip facilities. Many bigger commercial buildings also offer concierge services, day care and fitness classes for tenants. Without a doubt, having access to all of these services and facilities right in the building makes the work day much smoother for your team.

4. Shared meeting space

If you’re still weighing up how much office space you need, a building that offers shared meeting facilities onsite can be a great option. Having access to these facilities can save you money by reducing the amount of space you need in your own office. More than that, many of these shared meeting spaces come with state-of-the-art tech and staff to help greet clients, manage technology and organise catering.

5. Tech

As our workplaces become more connected, it’s important that commercial office spaces support smooth and efficient working with access to the latest technology. This means access to the right infrastructure to support fast internet, as well as Wi-Fi in shared and public parts of the building.

6. Wellness

Equally as important as the ability to connect with technology, is access to facilities for employees to take time for exercise and to recharge. Look for a building that has good end-of-trip facilities so that staff can cycle, walk or run to work, or exercise at lunchtime. Many commercial buildings will also offer free group exercise classes for boxing, yoga or Pilates, which is a great benefit to offer employees.

7. Parking

Parking continues to be a major consideration. Most businesses need access to parking for senior team members, as well as clients when visiting. Aside from the onsite parking, consider access to nearby parking for clients, visitors and employees. Waterfront Place in Brisbane even offers free one hour parking for visitors right near the front entrance, for the ultimate convenience.

8. Landlord

When entering a lease, you want to be sure that you’re going to have a great working relationship with the landlord. The best landlords know that they are not in the ‘real estate’ business, but rather in the business of creating productive workplaces that drive business success. Look for a leading landlord, like Dexus, who will work closely with you to deliver innovative workplace solutions, keep you well informed and provide great service.

9. Room to grow

While it can be difficult to know exactly how much room your business may need over time, looking for an office that has room to grow with your business is critical. Flexibility is key, so look for space where you could potentially expand, or go for a shorter lease or a one that will allow you to exit should you need to.

10. Take your time

Most importantly, take your time in choosing the right office for your business. It’s a big decision and one that will impact on almost every aspect of your business, from staff to clients and productivity. Don’t feel rushed or pressured, and make sure you’ve done your homework to identify the services and facilities your business needs.

Often, cost and size are the two factors that drive workspace decisions, but the reality is, there are a number of other key factors that will impact on your business. Making the wrong choice can impact on your ability to attract and retain the right staff. It could even cost you clients or business opportunities. So do your homework, take your time and work through this checklist to find your perfect workspace.


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