How workplace design can improve employee health

As people spend more time in the office, and consequently, more time sitting in front of the computer, it’s important for businesses to consider how workplace design impacts on the overall health and wellbeing of employees.

In this article, we look at the how workplace design can improve employee health and wellbeing, and supercharge your business.

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10 things to consider when choosing office space

Whether your business is big or boutique, choosing the right workspace can be daunting. To help make it less overwhelming, we’ve put together this list of 10 things to consider when choosing office space. It’s all about helping you make the right decision for your business now, and as you grow.

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5 reasons why you should have a mindfulness and meditation program in the workplace

The practice of mindfulness and meditation is gaining popularity amongst employers. These two practices can help employees deal with stress and improve their general wellbeing. Here’s five reasons why you should consider a mindfulness and meditation program in your workplace.

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The modern offices making teams feel more at home at work

As businesses search for more ways to create healthier and happier teams, workplace design and creating the right environment has become a major focus. Australian’s have one of the longest working weeks in the world, so creating more inviting, homely workspaces that blur the lines between work and home is a growing trend.

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Connect at Waterfront Place

How the new connected office building is improving business productivity

The rise of the ‘connected building’ is leading to greater productivity for business. From WiFi connectivity throughout public spaces, to booking meeting rooms quickly online and information filled tenant portals, technology is streamlining the way buildings support business.

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4 ways priority access to childcare can help your business

Businesses that create family-friendly workplaces by helping their people access childcare solutions will create happier teams, improve productivity and also attract and retain great staff into the future.

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How to reduce your office rent by sharing meeting rooms

If you’re looking to cut costs in your business, then your office rent is a great place to start. As a major operating cost, any savings made on your overall leasing costs can be funneled back into your business to help you grow.

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Good commercial landlord

What to expect from a great commercial landlord

If your workspace is a key driver of business success, then the relationship you have with your commercial landlord is critical. Coupled with the fact that your office is one of the biggest expenses you’ll incur in running a business, it’s important to find the right space and the right landlord.

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